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County Fair Pork Kabobs from Farmwife Feeds, a sweet slightly spicy little bite of pork grilled to perfection. #pork #kabobs #grill

County Fair Pork Kabobs

These sweet slightly spicy sticky pork chunks on a stick are a classic.


  • skewers for grilling


  • 2 pound pork - cubed Loin works best
  • 1/2 cup brown sugar
  • 4 teaspoons cajun seasoning we use Tony Chachere's: Creole Original Seasoning


  • Combine the brown sugar and cajun seasoning in a bowl large enough to hold the pork.
  • Pat dry the pork cubes and place in the seasoning mixture - stir to coat the pork, or you can use a sealable bowl and shake.
  • Allow pork to sit in the seasoning mix for at least 45 minutes -after about 10 minutes the sugar will start to dissolve in the moisture from the pork and will create a syrupy liquid as it marinates
  • Place marinated pork cubes on your skewers and reserve the remaining marinade that is now a liquid in a small bowl to brush on the kabobs as they cook.
  • With grill on medium-low heat cook the kabobs turning and brushing with extra marinade - keep in mind as you brush the marinade on that it needs to cook and not to brush it on as you take the kabobs off of the heat.
  • Kabobs are done when internal temperature of 145°