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A Mother’s Day Picture

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Chris isn’t a picture taker, it just never occurs to him to take them. One Mother’s Day, my third to be exact, I just asked for it. Mother’s Day 1999 will forever be one of my most memorable ones.

A Mothers Day Picture

For me, it’s extremely intimidating to ask for someone to take a picture of me. Why can’t people just read my mind? The Mother’s Day I learned to just ask for the pictures might be my favorite.

That year we were about to finish up corn planting, we had one farm left, it was right around 100 acres. Chris was determined to get it done even if it meant working on what I consider a great holiday! He had asked me earlier in the week what I wanted and I had told him what I really wanted more than anything was for him to take more pictures of me and Casey.

So Sunday morning he asked me to pack a lunch for all 3 of us and handed me my gift – a couple of frames and a disposable camera. We all 3 loaded up in the pick-up truck and headed to the field to work, just the 3 of us working together. I ran the finisher all day while Chris planted corn. Casey took turns riding with us, when she got bored in one tractor we switched her to the other one. And every switch we made he would whip out the disposable camera and snap a picture.

A Mothers Day Picture

A Mothers Day Picture

He took more pictures of me that day than the first 7 years we were married combined. It was a perfect day and we got the corn all planted. They aren’t photographs they are true pictures of life which have always been my favorite.

A Mothers Day Picture

Did I mention that Casey was 3 and a half at the time? She was full of energy, questions and liked to sing the same song repeatedly.

A Mothers Day Picture

Did I mention I was 7 months pregnant that day?

Did I mention I wouldn’t trade this Mother’s Day for diamonds, ruby’s, or pearls, not even for a million and one pictures! It truly is one of my all-time favorite memories. Maybe because I like to hold it over Chris’ head that I was 7 months pregnant and working with a 3-year-old the pictures of that day are tangible evidence that ours is a way of life, not just a job.

Together we can accomplish anything.


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