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My Kitchen May Never Be Clean

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Why you ask might my kitchen never be clean, because I just don’t care. I used to think I wanted to care, I needed to care, I was supposed to care. I’m not a neat person, sometimes I think I want to be OCD! Then I realize I just don’t have the time or energy for it so I sit till the feeling passes.

Cleaning the kitchen for me is much like the children’s book “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie”! If you don’t know the book I’ll just explain how attempting to clean my kitchen unfolds.

As I headed to bed the other night walking through the kitchen I thought:

“Holy Shit I need to clean this disaster in the morning.”

For those that can’t sleep with a messy kitchen I apologize for the angst you are feeling, but I slept like a baby.

I’m a morning person. So the next morning I gung-ho head to the kitchen with the single-minded focus to clean. I wasn’t going to quit until it was Instagram-worthy!

Not to give away the ending but that’s not how the story goes……..

I had smoked a brisket the day before so decided it needed cut-up and packaged. While cutting it up all I could think about was how good this would be with my Grandmother’s Yum Yum Potatoes. Setting the knife aside I dug out all the ingredients for said dish and go ahead and prep it for supper. Now, while prepping is good, I also just created more mess.

I then loaded and started the dishwasher all while these words kept swirling through my head. I looked over at the counter and saw my computer open so I immediately went over opened up a new doc and started writing.

As I finished that very sentence I glanced out the patio doors to see the flowers needed watered………and 5 hours later I’m back……to finish this not clean the kitchen!

I feel like that gives you just a small glimpse into how I work!

My Kitchen May Never Be Clean

 Currently, if you were in my kitchen there would be a sink full of dishes, a jar of diesel fuel on the window sill, a 50-pound bag of calf milk on the floor, a calf bottle by the sink, a cordless drill on the counter…..

That’s just the tip of the iceberg on things that don’t belong in a kitchen that are there anyway!

There will always be a sink full of dirty dishes and always good food to eat!

There will forever be a dirty comfortable chair that you can take a load off in no matter how dirty you are and dogs to pet!

My stainless steel appliances will forever have fingerprints on them but most likely I will have bought or picked myself fresh flowers!

I wake up most mornings just praying there is farm work to do!

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