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5 Reasons for Farm Planting Technology

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Let’s talk  5 Reasons for Farm Planting Technology!  Technology is constantly evolving, from the latest iPhone to planting the straightest rows with the most detailed mapping systems.  There’s always something new just over the horizon!

5 Reasons for Farm Planting Technology by Farmwife Feeds

I asked Chris to help me write this as he is the brains of this dynamic duo.  I got 2 pages of notes and a history of planting technology starting with this:

“The quest for planting accuracy is not new.”

5 Reasons for Farm Planting Technology by Farmwife Feeds

Technology across the farm is inter-woven. The planting technology we use helps spraying and application processes during the growing season. Later, harvest data is compared to planting data to help analyze each field individually for better production practices and maintaining the soil.

There are so many levels of planting tech, every single farm is different!  And on our farm each crop planted uses a different type and level of technology.  I plant the soybeans, I use a 1979 John Deere tractor and a 16 split row Kinze planter equipped with a Kinze planter monitor and an Outback mapping  display with steering controller.

5 Reasons for Farm Planting Technology by Farmwife Feeds

The Kinze monitor keeps track of each row planting seed.  It confirms the row is putting out seed, and reports the population which is the rate of seed it is planting.

The Outback monitor works off of a satellite network and maps where I am driving, showing where the planter is actually planting seed and also controls the auto steer for me.  The machine follows an invisible line across the field, generated by satellite signals.  Accurate to within inches, the computer in the tractor calculates and manages the line, and sends signals to the steering mechanism of the tractor to turn it one way or another.

5 Reasons for Farm Planting Technology by Farmwife Feeds

5 Reasons For Farm Planting Technology

Why do we use technology:

  1. Reducing seed overlap and skips in the field- this allows for optimal plant spacing and soil nutrient usage.  As well optimizing rainfall and sunlight absorption per plant.5 Reasons for Farm Planting Technology by Farmwife Feeds
  2. Improving planting accuracy- straight rows allow easier growing season application with less potential for running over any growing crop.
  3. Monitoring planter operation- allows the operator to keep tabs on the planter while moving through the field.
  4. Reducing operator stress and error-auto steer not only plants straighter rows than I can but it allows me to look backwards to watch the planter work while still planting, less multi-tasking for me 5 Reasons for Farm Planting Technology by Farmwife Feeds
  5. So I can eat my lunch, tweet, take an occasional selfie and still plant!

5 Reasons for Farm Planting Technology by Farmwife Feeds

OK there are probably better reasons than Number 5!


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