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3D Printing With Corn

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I would have never guessed in a million years you could do 3D Printing With Corn. Science is amazing and creating plant-based plastic is a winner.

Farm Cookie Cutter Sets from Farmwife Feeds are made on a 3D printer with a corn by-product, science is great! #corn #cookiecutters #baking #farm


There is science involved so this is way above my pay grade but it’s freaking fascinating.

These are “CORNTASTIC”!

BAHAHAHA see what I did there? It’s corn and it’s plastic – ok so I actually didn’t come up with that Maddix’s Mom did. Maddix is my cookie cutter supplier and the creator!

What’s the first thing a farm kid from Kansas prints with corn by-product filament on his 3D printer, well all things farm of course!

Cookie Cutter Sets from Farmwife Feeds are printed on a 3D printer from a corn by-product that is renewable source.

We grow a lot of corn in the US so being innovative with it is always a priority. Most of the corn grown in the US is used for livestock feed but new uses are literally happening daily! The more uses we can come up with domestically makes us that much more self-reliant and eco-friendly.

Science is amazing!

Farm Technology involves drying field corn for proper storage and use of the corn.

The 3D printer filament is made from PLA or polylactic acid. A plastic substitute made from fermented plant starch – in this case, corn or corn starch. It is a popular alternative to traditional plastics which are petroleum-based.

3D Printing With Corn

3D Printing with Corn from Farmwife Feeds, cookie cutters made with a corn byproduct plastic that is eco friendly and renewable. #3Dprinter #corn #renewable

Maddix spent the majority of time during COVID 19 printing and donating ear savers to medical staff in his area. Plastic printed devices that doctors and nurses could use in place of wearing their mask strings or elastic around their ears.

There are so many amazing uses for this product. We have the ability to grow corn, use it as a food source, and make amazing things from the by-products.

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3D Printing with Corn from Farmwife Feeds, cookie cutters made with a corn byproduct plastic that is eco friendly and renewable. #3Dprinter #corn #renewable

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