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Weekly Meal Planning

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Are you a weekly meal planner?  Planning is not my forte so Weekly Meal Planning is a huge struggle.  So much so that I might of gotten chastised a time or two going on 10 o’clock at night because my family was hungry.  In my defense I had been in the field working too but still I had no plan and all our meat was frozen solid!Weekly Meal Planning Accountability -working together! #mealplan


If I were to actually get a plan together and carry it out for a month we might put the McDonalds and Subway 7 miles down the road from us out of business.  Slight exaggeration but it will probably lessen the demand for frozen pizza’s on the market!

It was getting so bad around here that I thought my husband might enroll me in Non-meal Planners Anonymous.

“Hi, my name is Jennifer and I don’t meal plan, I have no clue even an hour before a meal what I am going to serve”

So I spent some time ‘researching’ it on Pinterest – someone out there surly has what I was looking for……you know, the full meal schedule of exactly what my family will eat, a prepared grocery list, someone to deliver the groceries and prep the meals.

Weird but I didn’t find anything like that.  So I consoled myself on Amazon and found a cute pad of paper to motivate me:

Weekly Meal Planning Accountability -working together! #mealplan

Yes, I fully realize a blank sheet of paper would work, but that blank sheet of paper staring back at me was doing nothing but mocking me, not setting me up to help me succeed.  Now I needed just one more thing – accountability!  And my hungry family begging for meals didn’t count……so I’m turning to social media!

Weekly Meal Planning and Accountability

I will be posting a pic Sunday night of my filled out meal plan for the week and hash tagging it with #farmwifefeeds and #mealplan!

And I’m asking everyone to play along, let’s keep each other accountable!  Post your meal plan pic and add the hashtags #farmwifefeeds and #mealplan so I can find you……help keep me on track!


Weekly Meal Planning Accountability -working together! #mealplan


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  1. Hi.. i realize this is an old post, but I was wondering if you are still meal planning. I too am a farm wife and mother of 4 preschoolers. I love the idea of having a plan for meals, but get stopped up when thinking of our crazy schedule around the farm. We eat three meals A day together and sometimes have leftovers and sometimes not. How do you deal with all this?