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3 Reasons Not To Be Scared Of Your Food

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As a producer and a consumer the thought that companies use fear as a marketing tactic blow my mind.  I’m going to give you 3 reasons not to scared of your food!

Fear mongering is not a valid marketing technique.

Boneless Bananas, Hormone Free Milk & Other BS

I tend to be somewhat like an ostrich, sometimes for my sanity I just have to bury my head in the sand.  I realize that is not always the most mature or best way to handle a situation but I am who I am.  However, I am also acutely aware of whats going on around me in the agriculture industry and my social media feeds.  AND it seems like there is always something going on!

I wrote this article right at a year ago – Fear Mongering is a Poor Marketing Tactic talking about hormones in beef, now we are talking about antibiotics in meat………and my stance stays the same – fear mongering has no place in our food system.

Subway’s announcement brought more chatter about what is in our food and how it is raised. I have to wonder if consumers are listening to the right people talk about food and if we in the ag industry are listening to the right people make demands about the food we are raising.

We were in the midst of harvest when their announcement hit social media and I sat in the tractor all day with my thoughts just bouncing.  After 8 hours, just as we were finishing the field I finally put my thoughts cohesively together in a Facebook status:

Don't be scared of your food-talk to those who produce it.

“Catching on the go-that’s my 12 year old driving the combine-I’ve got to catch on the go for 3 generations of Campbell farmers this year.  As we run I can’t stop thinking about subway… we Americans have the safest most abundant cheapest food supply in the world- it isn’t just our 7th generation farm but 1st generation farms and organic and non-gmo and grass fed and antibiotic free and every other kind of farm out there that produce that for us.  It takes all kinds but you start making broad stroke demands from agriculture and you will get what you want because honestly farmers aren’t going to quit producing but there will be a price and you will pay it at the grocery store and in the restaurants you eat at.  Livestock producers couldn’t keep up with demand for animals never treated with antibiotics-it logistically isn’t possible – chicken and turkeys maybe because of shorter production lifespan but hog and cattle demand will overtake supply almost before you could blink an eye! Just my two cents”

You can get what you want, just be sure those speaking for you know what you want!

We could volley back and forth literally for days articles that we Google-those that support what I believe and those that support an opposing view.  How do you decide what to believe?  You read, weed out the crap and choose what is best for your family.  It’s about choice, not only yours but allowing those around you to make their choices as well, as they see fit for themselves and their family.

See these 3

Working Kids

– they are mine I feed them the same food that we not only produce on our farm but what every other farmer helps to produce and after it passes through the safest food supply chain in the world .  I shop the same places you do for my groceries.

Don't be scared of your food-talk to those who produce it.


3 reasons not to be scared of your food:

  1. You have Choices!  You have choices, you have the right to make those choices based on your research and knowledge and others have that right to make those choices for themselves.
  2. Your Vote Counts!  You vote everyday with your food dollars.  Consumers control the market with their money but use your voice as well, don’t let others scare you or speak for you.
  3. Find the Facts!  Don’t let labeling steer you, there are very few laws regarding food labeling when it comes to buzz words, know what is important to your family and what is labeled correctly for nutrition, allergies, etc verses what is merely on the label as a marketing tactic.

Did you know that 97% of US farms are family owned? We not only take pride in what we do now but we want it to live on for future generations. It’s not only the land and the livestock but our reputation, the name that goes along with the commodity we sell. It’s the same for every farm across the United States.

Fear mongering is not a valid marketing technique.


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