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Where can you find the food our family farm grows?

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Where can you find the food our family farm grows?  The same place I do, the grocery store!  I’m not kidding or being sarcastic……..which might be a bit out of character for me, but I’m serious.

 Everything we raise on our farm is part of the food system not only for your family but for mine as well.


I feed these people, my family, the one’s closest to my heart- not only the food we help produce and but that of every other American Farmer, and after it has passed through the safest most abundant food supply chain in the world.

We raise corn, soybeans and hogs.  All of these, either directly or indirectly, enter the food system!

The majority of our corn and soybeans will most likely enter the food system via the meat you purchase in the grocery store.  97% of all Indiana grown soybeans once processed into meal and 43% of Indiana grown corn goes to feeding Indiana livestock.  So if your looking for my grain products look in the meat section of your supermarket!

Want to know where to find 'local' food? Ask a farmer!

Want to know where to get our home grown pork?  Check Wal-Mart!  All our hogs are sold to Tyson, we own all our hogs and buildings but when they are ready for market we sell to Tyson.  All our hogs are processed in Logansport Indiana and are packaged under the Tyson name brand as well as store brand pork in Walmart!

Want to know where to find 'local' food? Ask a farmer!

I think ‘local’ food and ‘homegrown’ are taking on wider meanings.  With transportation, refrigeration and food security, eating local constitutes more than just a few miles from your home.  Our great grandparents would be amazed at the selection at our local stores year round. They ate what was available at that moment and what they were able to preserve. Now I will admit that I prefer a garden tomato to a tomato bought in town on Nov. 15 – but isn’t it wonderful that I can even get one in November!

Where can you find the food our family farm grows?

Maybe not straight off our farm but more locally than you expected!

There are 6 billion people now and it is estimated to be 9 billion to feed by the year 2050 (and the number of acres of production ground is decreasing). The world will have to grow more food in the next 50 years, than has previously been raised on this planet, as there are more people alive today than has ever lived. And so far, agriculture and our industrialized food system has been up to the challenge. Food security in the US is at an all time high and hunger in the world is from distribution and economic difficulties.

While I like local, the world, including us in middle America need mass quantities of easy to transport and store food-and while it travels farther than what once was considered ‘local’ I think you would be amazed at how much food in a chain supermarket is actually more local than you ever imagined.
So if you chose to only eat locally or vegetarian or organic or grow all your own food – I say “Go For It” (absolutely no sarcasm intended, seriously) feed YOUR family the way you choose, that is the great thing about America – but don’t make those decisions based on scare tactics by the media and don’t allow others not to make their own choices as well!


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