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Dear Younger Me

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Dear Younger Me,

Or older me, of course when I read this again I will be older but it will be from a younger me…….so maybe just Dear Me.

Love yourself and smile at everyone you meet! #cancer #cervicalcancer #life

This is you at almost 50 – July 3, 2019

You have been an emotional hot mess the last few days and you dug deep and admitted to yourself why – for that alone you should be proud. Admitting anything to yourself about yourself is hard – the good and the bad. Society seems to have this idea that we build others up but building ourself up is wrong – society is wrong. It’s hard to continually fill others cups if yours is empty – cliche but true.

A year ago today you started cancer treatments – cervical cancer treatments to be exact! You never focused or accepted having cancer, you were in survival mod. And on this anniversary it hit you and it hit you hard.

You are a firm believer everything happens for a reason, whether it’s a reason you like or not, and you may never know the reason. It’s life – life is good, life is not easy-always remember this.

Love yourself and smile at everyone you meet! #cancer #cervicalcancer #life

Things you learned and need to remember from this day forward:

  1. You can cry and be scared but still be tough as nails-I can’t believe how tough you are!
  2. You learned to let people help – it’s what people do when they love you, it helps them as much as it helps you.
  3. You are so blessed with so many amazing people in your life, love them like there is no tomorrow. You  learned to mentally let go of those who weigh you down-continue this!
  4. You raised freaking amazing kids – HOLY COW they turned out so caring, so strong-I can’t even.
  5. You married a really good guy-there will be fights, there will be tears but he’s always there, ALWAYS.

Continue to do the things that make your heart smile, you’re allowed to say no to things and to people.  You will never please every one and that’s alright.

You’re a decent human, own it!

Continue laughing at yourself, it’s good for the soul!

Love yourself and smile at everyone you meet! #cancer #cervicalcancer #life

Love yourself, let those you love know it every day and smile at everyone you meet!


Love yourself and smile at everyone you meet! #cancer #cervicalcancer #life


P.S. You will never have a thigh gap no matter how much weight you lose, so eat the cake – all the cake!





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  1. You are an amazingly brave young woman! Your posts are always upbeat and sometimes serious and sometimes funny. I didn’t know until recently about the cancer. Keep up the good work. Sending lots of hugs your way!!!