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Pandemic Clean to 70’s Frat House

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I looked around the house the other day and seriously questioned how we went from pandemic clean to 70’s frat house without even realizing it!

Pandemic Clean to 70's Frat House


Who else started out this “shelter in place” order thinking:


I always say I never have time, well here it is, the gift of time. This was the opportunity I’ve been wishing for.

I started out strong. I’m an inside out cleaner! If the closets and storage areas aren’t clean it’s just surface clean. So I started in an area that hadn’t seen the light of day in years, the toy closet/storage.

Three hours in I suddenly remembered why I had closed that door and hadn’t looked back. I literally destroyed a room trying to clean a closet. But 4 days, a lot of tears, several prayers, and 3 bottles of wine later that damn toy storage is clean!

 And let’s be very clear, my definition of “pandemic clean” is very loose. I mean, after all, I’m not afraid to admit I sit on my dirty kitchen floor and cry sometimes.

So I had a little come to Jesus meeting with myself.  Jennifer Leigh, I said, because sometimes first and middle names are required: 

Don’t open any more Pandora Boxes, stick to what you can see and leave something for your kids to clean when you die!

Basically I told myself I was a slob that married a slob that gave birth to 3 more slobs. Unless of course, they are in their own spaces then they suddenly become neat freaks, but don’t get me started on that! So I gave it my best effort, I swear!

Pandemic Clean to 70’s Frat House

But somewhere between “clean all the things” and “let’s binge watch TV and order pizza” the house literally resembles a 70’s frat house. An actual conversation between me and Chris involved the words “well what could we have for supper that doesn’t require forks” because all our forks were dirty.

We are moving one to college in a few days and the youngest starts school soon. I may get the urge to clean after we get back on a schedule or I may not, time will tell!

Obviously it wasn’t the “time” to clean that I have been looking for all along, it was the “desire”!

And quite frankly I don’t know that I will ever have that and I’m alright with that!

Pandemic Clean to 70's Frat House

So I just make cocktails and sit on the porch!

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