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My View Being A Female Farmer

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My view being a female farmer. There are no if, ands or buts about it, there is a difference in female and male farmers.

My View Being a Female Farmer from Farmwife Feeds

And this is my view…..literally, my view.

Being a female farmer is different than being a male farmer for one major reason, I have to carry toilet paper in the tractor because I can’t carry out all tasks standing up!

Being the only female in the group here I had a hard time establishing how to carry out my business. For a long time every time the tractor would stop and I wasn’t reachable on the 2-way radio tractors and trucks were converging on my parked tractor with me crouching between the wheels seeing if I needed help…….

I finally had to learn to just announce “union break” over the 2 way radio as my signal. So yes I have to announce my restroom break.

I do however have rules:

  1. Tractor must be in PARK, I don’t want run over with my pants around my ankles.
  2. Take Phone, should Rule 1 be broken and happen I want to call for help.
  3. Scan your surroundings, road frontage, houses, other operators in the field, trail cams. Be aware that the view standing up is different than the view at a squat.
  4. Face the wind, always face the wind girls!

Night time mission bonus rule:

  • Turn off tractor lights, they only act as spot lights! {I might of learned this the hard way}

My View Being A Female Farmer

My View Being a Female Farmer from Farmwife Feeds

Eventually you just learn to roll with it!


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