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A Socially Acceptable Working Farmhouse

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My house is a working farmhouse, it isn’t just a farmhouse style of home. It is a house on a farm that incorporates dirty boots, livestock medicine, an occasional calf and no white furniture.

A Socially Acceptable Working Farmhouse

Not less than 6 times a day to dirty work boots cross the threshold, on into the kitchen, across the carpet in the living room and into the farm office. Our house is over 200 years old; open floor plan and logical layout is not its forte at all {insert eye roll}!

I’ve kind of given up on asking Chris and the kids to remove their boots. Just don’t tell my family because sometimes I still nag, you know for fun and appearances. And let’s be honest I’m not the best at it either.

I hate to clean, I would rather pressure wash a hog barn than clean a bathroom. But sometimes in life you have no choice, like when you’re afraid the health department might actually have the right to condemn your home!

A Socially Acceptable Working Farmhouse

A Socially Acceptable Working Farmhouse

So while cleaning I made a “wish list” of 5 things I think should be socially acceptable in a working farmhouse:

  1. A time lapsed fly spray bomb on the outside and the inside of every single entry door.
  2. Grated kitchen floor with a flushable pit.
  3. Central pressure washing system, particularly in the kitchen and bathrooms.
  4. A manure spreader and dumpster place strategically next to the house for disposal without going outside.
  5. To find livestock in the kitchen……or on the couch watching cartoons with your children. I once came home to find a kid and a baby pig curled up on the couch watching cartoons because and I quote “it was making the piglet feel better”!


My home isn’t always the cleanest place on the block but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.


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