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I Cleaned My Bathroom Today

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I cleaned my bathroom today. I realize that 99% of you are like – big freaking deal! But I know my people, the  one percenters are like – YOU DESERVE AN AWARD, and a cocktail before noon!

I don’t like to use the word hate BUT I hate cleaning, I hate cleaning with a passion. There are no endorphins or fuzzy feelings from cleaning for me. I like clean but someone else can do it for me. Unfortunately I believe our house is on a “NO GO” list of cleaning people – sadly I’m not even trying to be funny when I say that.

I Cleaned My Bathroom Today

The Toilet

I don’t know the order that is proper for cleaning a bathroom but I start with the toilet. Because if I’m honest, and I am, it’s the most disgusting. It probably takes me 3 times as long to clean the toilet and area around it than it should but its how I roll.

I start to clean, gag a little, continue to clean, gag some more, give myself a little pep talk and push forward. I will haul cattle and hog manure all day long and not gag. On more than one occasion I have literally stepped out of my boot in 2 feet deep cattle manure and by shear momentum kept moving and stepped in it with just my sock! Simply put my boot back on and kept working, but to clean our toilet I wish I was wearing a hazmat suit.

Three things happen while cleaning the toilet:

  • actual cleaning of the toilet
  • serious contemplation how that got there-how does one even accomplish that
  • surfing the Lowes website to see how much a new toilet would be and just throw this one out

The Sink Area

I’ll be honest most of the stuff on the sink and counter is mine, but I’m still angry because I know for a fact the majority of what I just cleaned up at the toilet wasn’t!

Three things happen while cleaning the sink and counter:

  • actual cleaning of the sink and counter
  • serious contemplation where certain creams came from and who is using them, why we have 3 tubes of empty toothpaste on the counter, and will anyone notice if I use there toothbrush to clean the drain {but then I giggle because I’m not cleaning the drain}
  • surfing the Lowes website to see how much a new sink and counter would cost and just throw this one out

The Shower

We have a shower stall not a tub so cleaning is, I think more of a challenge. We also have hard water (aka rust stains) and being as I don’t clean as often as I should, well, use your imagination.

I actually start by spraying the whole shower down with a cleaner with bleach let it sit while I clean/gag on the toilet. Once I start cleaning on the shower I clean as much as I possibly can from the outside; then I know it’s time, I have no choice………it’s time to go in!

I mentally prepare myself and go in side to clean the “frosted” shower doors! Frosted because of hard water and soap scum-not because we bought them that way! I take a big deep breath go in and start spraying all the cleaners I can get my hands on. Open the shower door take a deep breath and back in to scrub, one could seriously pass out with the chemical cleaner concoctions it takes to clean our mess. I repeat this several times till I say “not to bad if I do say so myself”!

Which in all honesty I’m obviously not a good judge of clean, but I take my shower and call the bathroom clean!


I have cried on my kitchen floor before so why not gag cleaning my bathroom!

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  1. Ok, I’m totally sitting next to you on the I HATE TO CLEAN boat, but one trick I have learned with the shower is to use a window wiper, squeezgy thingy and wipe all the water off the walls and glass doors when we get done showering! Steve will do this, but the girls have not caught on so they may be subjected to chemical poisoning this summer when they bite the bullet and have to clean their own space. Another trick is to keep a Mr. Clean pad in the shower, and skooch it around the floor with your foot while you are in the shower. It’s helping remove the left-over graphite residue from this lovely planting season! That’s all I’ve got. Hope the rains miss you and me this weekend!

  2. Oh I am so with you! My husband always asks what I want for Christmas, my answer “A Cleaning Lady!” Unfortunately he doesn’t think I’m serious. If I have to be his hired hand, shouldn’t I have one? Thanks for keeping it real for all us farm wives. Guess I should go spray some stuff on my shower. Ugh!

  3. I haven’t tried it for rust but soap scum and and long overdue for a cleaning shower I used the 1cup of vinegar heated in the microwave for 1min and 1/4 cup blue dawn dish soap. Spray on the shower let sit for 30 mins to an hour and then literally wipe clean. The glass doors on our shower seemed to be permanently frosted and they wiped clear with little to no effort. Rinse off as done! I also hate cleaning and I no longer even bother with the chemical cleaner this concoction is much easier!