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Let’s Talk Pork Chops

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While eating pork chops would be better, Let’s Talk Pork Chops right now!  Are you a boneless fan or do you prefer bone-in?  It’s all a matter of preference!

7-cut pork

There are 4 basic kinds of pork chops, while they all come from the loin of the pig they are named for the position on the loin starting from the front or shoulder of the pig working the way back.

 Most common and the most tender will be your loin and rib cuts:

  • shoulder
  • loin
  • rib
  • sirloin

Then of course you have your boneless which are generally cut from the top of the loin or the rib. They just have the bone removed, making them boneless chops.  They are also going to be a little more expensive per pound due to the extra time put into processing to get the bone out.

I prefer to cook and eat chops with the bone in, however we are a divided family, my husband prefers boneless.  He says they are easier to eat and less waste on the plate, which is correct.

When it comes to sandwiches and one of our favorite go-to meals I always choose boneless!

Simple Grilled Pork Chop Sandwiches from Farmwife Feeds - add a bag of chips and applesauce and it's a full healthy easy to prepare meal. #pork #sandwich #fullmeal #recipe #grill

Simple Grilled Pork Chop Sandwich Meal

They are thin, quick-cooking and easy to eat on the go or in a hurry!  Like our Pork Chop Sandwiches we love to eat while working in the field or on camping trips.

Easy Skillet Peppers, Onions and Pork Chops from Farmwife Feeds is an easy meal using frozen pepper and onion mix and boneless pork chops. #pork #recipe #porkchops

Easy Skillet Peppers, Onions and Pork Chops

These Fried Smothered Pork Chops from Farmwife Feeds are an easy recipe using boneless chops that cook quickly and get supper on the table fast. #pork #castiron #gravy

Fried Smothered Pork Chops


Let’s Talk Pork Chops

But given time and a thicker chop I always choose bone-in!

Awesome and super easy BBQ Smoked Pork Chops

BBQ Smoked Pork Chops

The bone serves two purposes for me in cooking.  Pork is not marbled like beef, there is no fat running throughout the muscle.  Fat is where the flavor is, you don’t have to eat the fat but in order for your meat to be flavorful and not dry you need fat while cooking.  I believe a bone-in chop helps this due to less trimming in and around the bone when removing it.  The bone also serves as a heat conductor helping to cook the meat, pork can be dry and cooking it to a safe temperature is important but overcooking on direct heat can dry meat out, this is where the bone helps.

I also think a good bone-in chop is best when cooking in the crockpot.  The marrow in the bone adds flavor to the liquid and the gelatin in the bone acts as a thickener for the liquid used in the cooking process.

It’s truly a matter of personal taste – just enjoy your pork chops!

Do you prefer boneless or bone in pork chops?


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