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Why do we give all our grace away?

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I seem to own a season pass to ride the struggle bus, anybody else?  It occurred to me while hauling hogs the other day: Why do we give all our grace away? Why don’t we save some for ourselves, why is it we are hardest on ourselves and the least forgiving? Grace is bottomless, there is more than enough to go around.

I’ll be honest I had to look up the full meaning of grace because it has multiple meanings. I knew what I thought it meant, what I wanted it to mean in this case, but I needed confirmation. And confirmation I received, this is the meaning I was looking for:

Why do we give all our grace away when it is unlimited and we deserve it from ourselves?


Why do we give grace so freely but accepting is so difficult, especially from ourselves?

As I sit on my front porch typing, thinking, waiting on the call to bring a tractor to the field I recall how many times I have found myself sitting on my dirty kitchen floor crying.  Drinking out of what I assume is a clean measuring cup because all the glasses were dirty. Hating myself for not being more organized, together-feeling like I wasn’t enough for every single person in my life.

Why Do We Give All Our Grace Away?

It doesn’t mean you can’t continue to improve, to me it simply means I can breathe. I don’t have to beat myself up all the time for not being perfect.

I’m giving myself grace today. I won’t worry that I fed my family take out twice this weekend or that there is still a Kentucky Fried Chicken bucket sitting on my kitchen table as I type.

People need people! That’s hard for me because I am an introvert, I feel the need to do it all myself and accepting help is hard.  But I found out the hard way this summer that isn’t realistic, I am loved, you are loved and that is what we do for people we love – we help!  Life isn’t a one man show!

I talk about having cervical cancer this summer on our podcast – why I decided I needed to give myself grace and enjoy people who love me!

Give Grace and Accept Grace – your heart will smile!

Learn to grow where you are planted – pretty sure I am taking root in the dirt on my kitchen floor!

While we are pondering life questions why is it when I lose weight my eyes sink in and my boobs get smaller but when I gain it all goes to my butt and thighs?

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  1. Good advice and about the hips and boobs no idea lol. You should have the name Grace it just makes it a bit more confusing. It is hard for us to except help but we need to. Hugs and love B