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Spring Has Sprung

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Spring weather and the thought of beautiful flowers makes me long to work in my landscaping!

I don’t have a green thumb!  Is that weird for someone who is supposed to help grow acres upon acres of crops?  But I don’t-we quit gardening a long time ago because when conditions were right for gardening they were just as ideal for fieldwork!    But I do tend to get ants in my pants and choose to scratch that itch with my landscaping!


Spring Has Sprung

Sunny Lawn Farms landscaping flowers

But I also get antsy for some pretty flowers on my porches and in my landscaping.  While I know it is too early to put them out I am lucky in that just around the corner is the most awesome greenhouse in the entire world – Sunny Lawn Farms!  And Doris lets me come visit – I show up in shorts with a lawn chair, a cocktail and proceed to make myself at home among her beautiful flowers and 80 degree weather!

Sunny Lawn Farms landscaping flowers

Hello Doris……would it be too much to ask for you to put a hammock up for me? Or is that pushing it??

Sunny Lawn Farms landscaping flowers

And her Mom and Dad help out…..I could just stay here for days!

Sunny Lawn Farms landscaping flowers

Oh Lemon Slices how I adore you and I promise not to kill you this year!

Speaking of lemons, I should go make some more of these muffins but I digress.

Sunny Lawn Farms landscaping flowers Sunny Lawn Farms landscaping flowers Sunny Lawn Farms landscaping flowers

A sad but real glimpse of the current state of my landscaping…….

My sad pathetic landscaping, the aftermath of Indiana winters.

time to get my hands in some dirt!

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