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Want, Need, Wear, Read

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Want, Need, Wear, Read – Kids Christmas Gift Guide is how I keep myself sane during a busy hectic holiday season.  There is so much to choose from nowadays that kids and parents get overwhelmed!  This will swing more towards the farm side of things…..well because that’s how we roll!

Want, Need, Wear, Read from Farmwife Feeds is a great approach to the stress of Christmas gift giving. #christmas #wantneedwearread #giftguide #gifts

I’m not gonna lie, my kids want a lot – I pray mine aren’t the only ones, so narrowing down Christmas and sorting through all the “I wants” was a struggle for me!  And in all honesty, I think it’s a struggle for kids – between commercials, the internet, and other kids it’s hard for anyone to decide what they really want and will use and what is just wanted because they think they need to be like everyone else!  So years ago we adopted Want-Need-Wear-Read!

My kids are now 24, 21 and 17, plus a son-in-law and when I ask them what they want for Christmas they automatically give me a list already categorized – something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read!

So I thought I would share with you a few ideas that my kids have asked for over the years and a few that I wish my kids were still young enough to ask for!


I think just about every kid “wants” something…….or a whole list of stuff!

Traditional toys are my favorite for all ages:

As kids get older “wants” get more expensive, don’t be afraid to double those expensive gifts up!

My oldest wanted a Kindle last year because while she loves physically holding books to read and owning them, but with traveling and college an electronic reader made more sense!  It was her Want and her Read that year!

This Kids Fire Tablet already comes in a kid proof case and is a reasonable price for those younger kids – and children’s books work on these as well for a read!

Girls love boots – and nice boots aren’t cheap!  My middle loves Tin Haul – when she asks for a pair it becomes her Want and Wear!

Now I sometimes have to nix first requests. Like when the boy asked for new tires and rims for his pick-up truck. Santa isn’t that generous here!


While we, as parents, feel like we supply our kids with their needs – there are always more!

I like the ‘need’ part of this because I hope my kids come to realize that there is nothing wrong with practical gifts!

This year my oldest is asking for nice pots and pans – she’s graduating college, moving into her own home and she wants good pots and pans – it makes my Mom heart happy!

The boy asked for new work boots – he works hard helping out on the farm and knows good work boots are important and there’s nothing wrong with getting them for a present!

Kids driving?  We went for a good set of jumper cables to keep in their vehicle and a pre-paid gas card!

Kids outgrow winter clothes fast – snow pants or Carhartt’s were a big one when our kids were growing like weeds!


This one is pretty easy!  When the kids were younger I loved to buy them unique farm t-shirts I would find!

These were one of my favorites!

This was 2012 – look at my babies! There are tons of sites that offer the cutest t-shirts now, I have a section on my Amazon store of my favorites!

But as they got older it was all about the Sperry’s, Miss Me jeans, North Face jackets and nice boots!

Again make those more expensive items double up – when we bought the kids Carhartt insulated bibs and a jacket – these worked as Need’s and Wear’s!


If you have avid book lovers this is a fun one!  A great chance to buy them a collectors edition or a series of books that they love – The Harry Potter Series was a big one for our oldest!

And I loved it the year our boy asked for Hank The Cowdog books, Chris had read them as a kid and we loved that our kids wanted to read them as well.

For some kids, this can prove to be a little challenging, think a little outside of the box!  Some years books weren’t the boy’s thing and a magazine subscription for him to Toy Farmer was just up his alley!  I’ve used family games for this as well, instructions must be read and if money is involved there is also math!

Our favorites:

You can’t go wrong with a gift card to a bookstore. Maybe even a small local one that you can make a day of it with your kid!

Might I also suggest Meet Pete? I might be a little biased but I think every kid or kid at heart would enjoy this book! I also have the book with some fun farm animal playdough cutters, give them as a set or put the cutters in their stocking with some play dough!

Homemade Playdough from Farmwife Feeds is an easy, fun and inexpensive treat for kids. #playdough #craft #homemade #inexpensivecraft

Want, Need, Wear, Read – Kids Christmas Gift Guide

Want, Need, Wear, Read a great tool to help kids write letters to Santa and for parents to use as a gift guide!

Keep in mind this can be flexible or rigid. Make this work for you, it is meant to make choices for the kids easier and therefore your life easier!  When making their lists I always want them to ask for several things in each category. This allows for some surprise on Christmas morning. The older and pickier they get the harder to surprise them!

But no matter how old your kids get don’t forget the cookies for “Santa”!!

Want, Need, Wear, Read from Farmwife Feeds is a great approach to the stress of Christmas gift giving. #christmas #wantneedwearread #giftguide #gifts

And if you need some ideas for, say your husband to get you……. My sweet friend Liz over at Farmwife Cooks made this list – that speaks perfectly to me!

Farmwife Gift Guide

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