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5 Things I Love Most Living On A Farm

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With Valentines Day approaching I thought I would share 5 Things I Love Most Living On A Farm and links to my favorite Valentine’s Day Treats for my loves!

I’m not always the positive life affirming person I appear to be on social media……hahahahaha!  I sometimes have trouble staying positive amidst the bottomless piles of laundry and scattered manure covered boots all over my kitchen floor.

Winter months can be a little tough on me – I love snow but I require the sun for energy!  We stay busy but not as busy as the rest of the year and I thrive on movement and activity to keep my momentum up – and no cleaning the house does not count – it only depresses me!

So for the day of LOVE I thought I would list the 5 things I love most living on a farm!

5 Things I Love Most Living On A Farm

1. This guy!

He believes in me, he lets me be a farmer right along beside of him, he never holds back on the work because I’m a girl!  Oh it’s not all sunshine and roses – when you spend 24/7 living, working, raising kids together there will be knock down drag outs, but I’m alright with that! Chris says I love a good fight it clears the air and thats true, him not so much – but I usually get my way!

2. This girl – the oldest!

She made us parents, which might of been the scariest thing we’ve ever done in our lives!  She calls her life an “experiment” because she was our first born.  She grew up admist tractors, hogs, cattle and surrounded every single day by family working together.  She knows how to work physically and mentally!  Graduated from Iowa State early with a degree in Agronomy!  She loves soil, it’s in her blood!

3. The middle – the surprise!

We were told she was a boy from the ultrasound – and me being heavily drugged when she was born told the doctors they were wrong when they announced “it’s a girl”!  She is my livestock whisperer – she is hands down the one I would choose every time for cattle and hog work!  She can drive a livestock trailer like nobodies business and work baby pigs while loving on them all at the same time!  She never ceases to amaze me – she’s headed to Ball State for Elementary Education in the fall!  I’ve always said my kids don’t have to be in agriculture I want them to be whatever they choose but they know where there food comes from and aren’t afraid to share the story! She will be the most amazing teacher!

4. My youngest with the soul of a 72 year old man!

He amazes me daily with his ingenuity, he also scares the bejeezus out of me!  When he was 3 he asked where for an extension cord for the sawzall, he already was on a 6 foot ladder ready to work on their clubhouse!  He can fix anything and can do any job on the farm!  That truck he loves – he ground all the feed for the hogs for 4 years to be able to buy it – he works hard!  He’s a good man!  All he wants to do is farm just like his Dad!

5. I get to do what I love every single day with the people I love the most!


It’s not always cute baby pigs, new born calves and driving tractors but I still love it!

And the good always outweighs the bad and at the end of the day working together is what we do!


My favorite sweets for my sweets on the day of love!

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The 5 Things i Love Most Living on a Farm and Sweets for my Sweets!

This post is sponsored by The Glass Barn!  But the thoughts and opinions are all mine!

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