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Good Pork Chops

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Good pork chops literally start on the farm. Animal well-being, public health, environment, community, people, and food safety are all a part of that. They all start here on our farm and on all hog farms across the nation. 

Good pork chops start on the farm by Farmwife Feeds. #pork #farmer #farmher #pigs

I am super excited to be partnering with Indiana Pork to talk about raising hogs here on our farm. I love sharing time-tested farmhouse kitchen recipes here on my site but my full-time gig is being a farmer. A job I love to do and love to share

We are a grain and livestock farm in Central Indiana. On our farm, we raise corn, soybeans, winter wheat and have a hobby herd of beef cattle. We also raise nursery to finish hogs.

My husband and I have been raising hogs for 30 years and have experienced the highs and lows. From owning our own hogs, farrowing to finishing, sows on outdoor lots to gestation crates, finishing pigs outside to confinement buildings.

We are a contract hog farm now – we own the buildings but not the pigs. This has given us the opportunity to still be involved in animal agriculture with the ability to invest more in our crop farm.

Either way, we care for the livestock daily. We continually invest time and care into the animals and their buildings.

Good Pork Chops

As I reviewed and contemplated the Pork Cares website and read the sentence:

Six ethical principles guide the We Care Commitment, enabling us to create advancements beyond our barn doors that positively impact our animals, our farms, our food, our people, our communities, and the environment.

Good pork chops start on the farm by Farmwife Feeds. #pork #farmer #farmher #pigs We Care Ethical Principles

I won’t lie I got a little overwhelmed until I broke them down and realized they are simply what we do every day, we just don’t think of them in these terms.

I can’t wait to share with you how these play out day to day on our farm. They come second nature as we work because our job daily is to provide the best care we can while the livestock is in our charge.



Pork Chop Recipes:


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