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Find What Motivates You

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I learned a few years ago if I was going to work from home I better find what motivates me to stay out of bed. Oddly enough, for me, it’s wearing shoes and mascara.

Find what motivates you, for me it's shoes and mascara. #motivation

Now relax, I’m not here with a “motivational” speech that I think will change your life. Believe me, I’m not that confident in my opinion or my influencing skills.

But personally, for me, a few years ago I was sliding down a dark hole wearing my pj’s way too long every day with no motivation to even work.

There was nobody putting deadlines on me……


And for my personality type that does not work, I need affirmation and a pat on the back.

Sad but true!

If we are in the field I am gung ho, up and at’em, waiting at the starting gate. Hog work to do, I’m out the door with my headphones in and singing loud and proud! A deadline for a free-lance article, well, I’m gonna push that deadline because, HELLO, that’s who I am, but I’m gonna get it done.

But to post on MY site, nobody was there to please. I use social media a lot as “peer pressure”, something to be accountable for. If I put it out into the world I was going to post a recipe then I had invisible people counting on me!

Find What Motivates You

Find what motivates you, for me it's shoes and mascara. #motivation

One morning I woke up and decided I needed something that was a boundary. A boundary that stopped me from taking an afternoon nap whenever I felt stalled or kept me from sitting in one spot with a dazed and confused look on my face.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a strong believer in afternoon naps and one can still find me sitting now and then looking dazed and confused! But my self-imposed rule really helps!

So if you see me out in my boots, mascara on and I’m still wearing pj’s, please know that I am putting in an honest effort!

Find that self-imposed rule that helps motivate you if you need it, like I do!

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  1. I found making my bed every day helps a ton. I literally will not sleep in an unmade bed now. I’ve even been known to make it like 10 minutes before I get in to go to bed, but I will sleep much better if I fold down the covers of an already made bed. Now to find what works during the daylight hours! Oye! 😉