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Pie Crust Confessions

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I might have a ‘sweets’ problem – sometimes it is cookies or brownies, sometimes cakes or cupcakes, sometimes ice cream and sometimes pie!  I won’t lie sometimes it’s one of each!

I’ve been known to eat my dessert before my supper!

Which leads to confession #1:
I might be impatient!

Which then leads to confession #2:
I might be a poor housekeeper, which def. includes the kitchen!

Which leads to confession #3
I might not use homemade pie crust!

OK the first two confessions were probably just true statements to anyone who knows has randomly met me but the last one might surprise a few, than again maybe not – so let me bring them all together:

Because I love sweets and I eat them randomly through out the day and because I am extremely impatient and because my kitchen counter is always a mess (no clean surface to roll out pie crust)………I don’t normally make it – I buy it!


Great Grandmothers Lard Pie Crust made from scratch is flakey and delicious from Farmwife Feeds #pie #recipe #piecrust #homemade #fromscratch


My name is Jennifer and I buy pre-made pie crust.

I have my Great Grandmother’s hand written  pie crust recipe but when it comes right down to it I fall victim to instant gratification and ease when it comes to my pie intake.
It is flaky, buttery, yummy – they come 2 to a package already rolled out in a circle – the only disadvantage to this is my kids will never know the magic of miniature pie crust cinnamon rolls but it is a small price they pay for my impatient pie desires!
Let me just tell you, if you make a pie for someone they will appreciate it – homemade pie crust or not. It’s the love and thought that matters!
“Cut my pie into four pieces, I don’t think I could eat eight.”
                                                                                                                      Yogi Berra
Some of my favorite pie recipes:
Pie Crust Confessions by Farmwife Feeds
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